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Monday, 14 November 2011

New Victorian Based Fishing Guides

The concept of employing a fishing guide is not a new one when it comes to the travelling angler, but is less considered when thinking of your own backyard because we think we 'have it all covered'.  Regardless of your skill and experience level, the learning process never ends and even the most seasoned anglers know that you should never close off the mind to how others do it.  For 'newbies' embarking on their fishing and boating journey, engaging someone to teach you how to operate you boat, electronics and successfully target local species is a wise investment - fishing is after all more fun when you know what you are doing!

Victorians now have two new but highly experienced guides to choose from depending upon your fishing preferences - I have fished extensively with both these gents and can assure you of money well spent.

Dale McClelland (Victorian Saltwater Fishing) contactable on or 0400902492.

and Marty Ellul (Southwest Guiding) contactable on or 0409366151

Dale being a south-east Melbourne local is the man to speak to for your Port Phillip Bay and Westernport needs while Marty based out of Warrnambool covers the west coast both inshore and bluewater.

Dale McClelland - Victorian Saltwater Fishing
Marty Ellul - Southwest Guiding